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Digital Recordings provides high-tech audio solutions to meet the everyday needs of individuals and industry.

Main Focus
The company is primarily involved in advanced research and development in the field of audio and acoustics. Since its founding in 1985, Digital Recordings has developed a number of breakthrough, patented technologies which have resulted in one-of-a-kind devices and software.

Products & Services
The company's product range includes aids and tests for speech and hearing, tests for audio equipment, software for audiometric testing and software for generation of arbitrary signals and sounds. Digital Recordings also designs audio devices and audio systems, and records and edits digitally sounds and music.

Staff Skills
Digital Recordings researchers have solid, PhD-level academic credentials in physics, acoustics and software engineering. They are dedicated to finding elegant solutions to complex problems. As innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers and lecturers, they practice what they preach -- in the research lab and in the classroom.

Partners & Clients
Digital Recordings has developed partnerships with researchers throughout the world. It has a client base of individuals and institutions that reaches far beyond the shores of its picturesque eastern Canadian home -- Halifax, Nova Scotia, an emerging hub of next-century innovation.

Our clients include:

SONY Canada / Japan
AKG Acoustics, Austria
Dolby Laboratories, USA
Harman International, USA
NASA USA / Canada
University of Hong Kong
Telkom SA ltd, S. Africa
Ist. Di Fisica Tecnica, Italy
Univ. of Toronto, Canada
Noise Control Eng Inc, USA
Mass. Eye & Ear Infm., USA
Aearo Company, USA
Unitron Ind. Ltd, Canada
Univ. of Utah, USA
Univ. of North. Iowa, USA
Purdue University, USA
ReSound Corporation, USA
E.T.S.I. Telecom., Spain
Trinity Col. Dublin, Ireland
Univ. of Mannheim, Germ.
NeXT Computer Inc., USA
SEMENS, Germany
Univ. of Sussex, England
SRI International, USA
Inst de Aczstica.CSIC,Spain
Fachbereich Psych, Germ.
Alpine, Germany
Mark Levinson, USA
Krell, USA
JVC, Canada
Plextor, USA
BMW, Germany
Harley Davidson, USA
Fujifilm, USA ... and more ...

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