Audio Journals


JASA This a index of journals from the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Abtracts from 1985-1989
and table of contents for
most subsequent years.




The online journal of research and opinion for the professional audio community. Various reports, education, technology, R&D, etc.


  - The internet journal for home theater. This page covers reviews of various audio equipment, technology reports, news and views, index to various dvd articles and newsgroups.

Computer Music Journal

Computer Music Journal
Serving the Electroacoustic
Music and Digital Audio community for 21 years. Various sound files, source code, documents and reports.

More Leads
Mckenzie journal of Loudspeaker design  An irregularly scheduled online publication (not available on paper) of loudspeaker designs.
Journal of Vibrations and Acoustics  Various articles on vibration and audio.
Soundsite Journal Sound acoustics and theory.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America articles dedicated to acoustics.
Catgut Acoustical Society Researchers, Composers, Acoustic studies, etc.
The Absolute Sound Aticles, links, etc.
Essays on Sound various essays on sound.
Journal of Musical Theory from Yale university.
The Leoardo Music Journal a nice looking site with good info.


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