Programmes in Acoustics

Georgia Tech. Georgia Institute of Technology
This section of this site focuses on acoustics, vibrations and dynamics. It has research papers and information on programmes and faculty..
On this part of M.I.T's website there is information on the Ocean Engineering acoustics group.

Acoustics Laboratory

Acoustics Laboratory

This site is from Aalborg University and covers a variety of topics on acoustics. It has publications, research papers and programmes.

Acoustics Research Laboratory

Acoustic Research Laboratory
A very nice looking site that has indepth information on acoustics and it has downloads, search engines, publications, etc.

More Leads
Acoustics and Vibration Index from the WWW Virtual Library.
Banff Center Home Page
CPAD Canadian Performing Arts Education Directory.
Live Sound Workshop Description and brochure from the 96 workshop.
Recording Arts Program Of Canada
Academic Programs Media Arts, Sciences, and Technology.
Acoustic Dimensions of Communication An online course from Simon Fraser University.
Acoustics and You Guide to areas of employment and research.
Graduate Programs In Acoustics Source: Wayne M. Wright, Kalamazoo College.
Environmental Studies Guide to international programs.
Kid's Ear Page An educational page for children on discovering the world of listening.

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