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How to achieve and maintain optimal health
    by Marek Roland-Mieszkowski, M.Sc., Ph.D., Digital Recordings

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    Last updated October 15, 2007



Human organism is a very complex assembly/colony of 100 trillion (100,000,000,000,000) cells. Approximately 50% of the cells are our own and 50% belong to by and large symbiotic organisms, mostly bacteria. Cells themselves are complex entities. Each cell contains structures such as chromosomes, mitochondria, DNA, RNA, etc. These structures in turn are made from many complex molecules. Molecules themselves are made from many atoms, predominantly carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Each human cell contains about 100 trillion atoms. What a complex system!

Physicists do not know the precise structure and inner working of a single atom. Now imagine the enormous amount of atoms in a single human body (100 trillions x 100 trillions) and their complex interactions. And the complexity does not end here. Every atom, molecule and cell in our body is affected by gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak forces of the outside world, as well as by streams of particles flowing from all directions from the Universe.

It would be arrogant to say that we know much about the structure of the Universe and the inner workings of our bodies. As a matter of fact we know very little. Nevertheless, we can combine our knowledge from many fields of science and our empirical and historical data to draw conclusions and derive very reasonable strategies on how to achieve and maintain optimal health.

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Physics of Life and Environmental Constraints

One very useful approach to deriving strategies on how to achieve and maintain optimal health is to look at life and living organisms from the standpoint of physics, in particular the laws of thermodynamics and the concept of negative entropy (the measure of order or organization). The author, bio-physicist and acoustician by training, applied this concept with great success to the analyzing of principles governing life, diet and cancer. His work is published on this website and is referenced and used in practice by many scientists and researchers from various disciplines, doctors and health practitioners all over the world.

One has to marvel at the unique physical conditions which exist on Earth; this is where one can find Mystery and the Divine. Life which evolved on our planet reflects these conditions and is compatible with them. Various organisms evolved together and are compatible with each other forming a complex web of life (therefore Gaya concept has a lot of merit). All are important: viruses and bacteria, mosquitos and elephants, zebras and lions, trees and plankton, sharks and dolphins. All form a complex inter-connected and inter-dependant web of life. This system evolved over 3.5 billion years and it is very stable as long as the physical conditions on Earth are relatively stable.

Unfortunately now, due to overpopulation and excessive consumption and disrespectful treatment of natural and ecological resources, our existence is threatened at an unprecedented scale. We are pushing the physical and ecological conditions on Earth into a state where our environment will be hostile to life. In that state many organisms including us will get extinct. We must remember that life can only exist in a very narrow range of physical conditions and that humans reproduce and evolve very slowly. We must also remember that we won't be able to evolve to live in certain conditions at all, since complex DNA-based life can't exist in them (simple lab experiments illustrate this point clearly).

Therefore, we cannot adopt to any large changes in the environment including that in temperature, radiation pollution, nuclear and chemical pollution of air, water and food, changes in ecosystem due to new viruses and bacteria and new and missing species of plants and animals. Destruction of the ecosystem due to the destruction of the sunlight-capturing forests, plants and plankton as well as global dimming (right now at the level of 10% reduction in Sun radiation due to pollution of the atmosphere) lead to a smaller flow of life and order-feeding energy and negative entropy. Extinction of species leads to the loss of genetic diversity (and information) and changes the balance in the biosphere. Pollution creates toxic environment, in many cases unhospitalable to living organisms. Creation of many diverse micro-environments leads to high dynamics in the ecosystem and very fast mutations in bacteria and viruses. This in turn is dangerous to larger organisms which only thrive in a relatively stable ecosystem as their reproduction and genetic evolution are much slower and their tolerance of adverse conditions is lower than that of micro-organisms.

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What strategy should we take to maintain optimal health and survive as species on Earth?

To maintain optimal health and survive as species on Earth we need to:

The author believes that most health problems (about 95%) can be resolved using simple corrections in our lifestyle and in our environment and without any medical intervention. Preventive measures, however, are not widely used and a holistic approach is not followed. This in turn leads to a low success rate in treatment of many disorders in particular that of slowly developing degenerative diseases (including cancer). This places a tremendous and unnecessary physical, psychological, environmental and financial burden on individual people and society at large.

Money saved from the lower reliance on the medical system should be invested in environmental protection and the establishment of national parks for the preservation of natural biodiversity and healthy type of recreation.

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