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customers' and listeners' testimonials

"The LaHave Audio Reference Series speakers are phenomenal. They produced the most lifelike and realistic sound I have ever heard from a speaker. Listening to them was as close to hearing the sound in person as one could get." Dr. Jeff Surovell, university professor and book author, New York, NY, USA

"LaHave Audio Reference Series speakers put you in the same space as the performers. They are to an audiophile what a Stradivari is to a virtuoso ...." Philippe Djokic, concert violinist and music professor, Halifax, NS, Canada

"The LaHave Audio's Reference Series speakers provide sound of exceptional quality !! Truly the music performers joined me in the room" Tom MacKay, art teacher and painter, Halifax, NS, Canada

"I have been the happy owner of a pair of "Wedge" speakers made by Jim MacCleave and the designers of LaHave Audio for twenty odd years. They are still my main speakers and they still sound great." Terrence J. Raymond, owner and publisher, The Tribune, Campbellton, NB, Canada

"I couldn't believe it ! With the LaHave Audio Reference Series speakers I felt Gary Kerr was right beside me with his Amatti bass. The sound was so real !" Al Chaddock, philosopher, artist, musician, Halifax, NS, Canada

"These speakers are wonderful ! The clarity of sound and separation of various instruments is amazing." Errol Pierce, P. Eng., mechanical engineer, Halifax, NS, Canada

"As a professional musician and songwriter, the first thing I noticed about the LaHave Audio Reference 3 ("The Wedge") was a depth to the dimension of the sound, making each instrument in the recording sound as if it was situated live in the room. That's an amazing aspect of these speakers. Good luck ! You have a winner !" Peggy Gillis, professional musician, song and music writer, Halifax, NS, Canada

"The LaHave Audio speakers are excellent ! The sound is like a live performance." Tom Boyd, intellectual property officer, Halifax, NS, Canada

"As a musician, with a keen ear for details, I was very impressed with the quality of sound reproduction of the LaHave Audio speakers. I believe the difference between these speakers and many on the market is their ability to reproduce sound as if you were sitting next to a live musical group. You can almost see the players in front of you !" Garvie Samson, musician, singer, inventor, book author, civil engineer, Halifax, NS, Canada

"LaHave Audio's speakers I found were magnificent." Ian McLeren, mechanical inventor & researcher , Halifax, NS, Canada

"From the opening moments it was possible to note that LaHave Audio's Reference Series speakers were extraordinary from a musical sense. The clarity and transparency were immediately noticeable. The sound of brushes on cymbals was incredibly detailed and precise. The sharp attacks of brass were clean. Strings were sparkling and lifelike and each instrument was identifiable. And pipe organ; the sonority of the tracker action was unbelievably realistic. Bass was not muddy at all, but clean and well-defined. Piano definition was superb. .... As a person who works with sound professionally, I was very impressed." Gordon Whitehead, audiology professor, Halifax, NS, Canada

"So you think you have really heard Diana Krall's sultry voice ? Oscar Peterson and Brad Mehdan`s piano genius ? Ray Brown`s impeccable bass ? Renee Fleming`s high notes ? Alabama`s lows ? ONLY if you own LaHave Audio Reference Series speakers can you answer YES ! The best deserves the best !" Kay and Blair Dyer, P. Eng., mechanical engineer, Halifax, NS, Canada

"Several years ago a discerning client of mine, quite by accident, became aware of speakers made in Nova Scotia by LaHave Audio. Needless to say there was some skepticism regarding a local product being able to meet the demands of a high-end audio sound system that was to be without compromises of any kind. To make a long story short, the speakers from LaHave Audio eclipsed all other contenders 'hands down'. It was then a most delightful surprise when at project end, my client presented me with a pair of these speakers. As a life long listener of serious music, I was thrilled with this gift and now, years later, continue to be thrilled by the performance put forth by these speakers." Michael Grunsky, architect, Halifax, NS, Canada

"My husband and I owned the original "Wedge Speakers" made by LaHave Audio from 1987 to 1995. He was a professional musician with an extensive audio collection and both of us were very satisfied with the quality of the sound and the workmanship of the cabinets. We had no problems with them and I would not hesitate to recommend any speakers constructed by LaHave Audio." Kay L. Rhodenizer, lawyer, Halifax, NS, Canada

"I purchased LaHave Audio's original Wedge speakers in 1986 and they are as good today as they were 18 years ago. Their sound is clear, round and very warm. I use them extensively for listening to choral music and for practicing part-singing. I have also used them to make audition tapes for both piano and voice. When my daughter's choir had a CD professionally recorded, I used my Wedge speakers at home to check the Master for balance before sending it off to Cinram, the CD manufacturer. The LaHave Audio Reference speakers are excellent." Bonnie Woodworth, musician, Halifax, NS, Canada

"When you close your eyes, music through LaHave speakers sound like the musicians are right in front of you!" Cynthia Howroyd, M.Sc., SLP, president and CEO, Fredricton, NB, Canada

"When I first heard the LaHave Audio speakers, I had trouble separating the experience from myself. It was a zen moment." John Harrison, software and graphical designer, inventor , Halifax, NS, Canada

"As a television producer, I want all my video and audio equipment to be first-rate. It has to be reliable, tough and produce excellent results every time. Anything less in unacceptable. I've had a set of LaHave Audio speakers for 15 years and I can honestly say they sound as great today as they did when I got them. They've been subjected to every kind of abuse imaginable: everything from being dropped during moves to the rigors of teenage hip-hop parties. They have stood up to every test I've thrown at them and have the same clear, crisp sound they always did. But more than just reliability and toughness, they are also marvelous speakers for their most basic task: delivering great sound. It is the pure sound of those speakers that set them apart from anything else I've heard on the market. My tastes are eclectic, from Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, to jazz masters, classical and chorales. My LaHave Audio set handles every type of music with ease and grace. That's why I've had them for so long. Every time I think I should replace them, I listen to speakers from other manufacturers and invariably decide I'd rather stay with what I have. That is, until now. The new LaHave Audio Reference series products sound even better than my early model, with the added attraction of more choices of finish and more models to choose from. I'm sticking with LaHave Audio products ..." Dan Leger, television producer, Halifax, NS, Canada

"Not having much for knowledge about good quality speakers, I didn't know what to expect. But weather you know or don't know what a good speaker is supposed to sound like, you know when you hear it ! And I knew it when I heard it. The sound of LaHave Audio speakers was so crisp and clear, it was as if the band was in the speaker itself. I felt like I was there. Wonderful sounding, just wonderful." Wiebke Kungl, model, Halifax, NS, Canada

"I recently evaluated LaHave Audio Reference 2 speakers. What I heard was totally amazing to me as I have never heard anything so perfectly reproduced in sound by any means. I am a professional musician and I took part on the stage with Gary Karr whom I heard in one of the music samples. Gary plays an Amati Bass made several Centuries ago and its sound is truly magnificent. But in this sample where the sound was coming from LaHave Audio speakers I heard this instrument as never before, not even in life performance with Mr. Karr. It sounded alive like a living person with body and soul. There was another sample given (among others) played by a percussionist who exhibited unimaginable skill in reproducing feelings of supreme colours and shades of emotions on his arsenal of percussion instruments. I heard enormous outpouring of expressions technically speaking from brutal fortissimos to most subtle pianissimos with most delicate timbre where I could visualize sound coming from the tips of his fingers in whispers.. I have never experienced anything better." Adam Kroscen, concert violinist, violin maker, Halifax, NS, Canada

"I was at the Le Festival Son & Image Show in Montreal, on April 2, 2005 and I had the opportunity to listen to LaHave Audio speaker products with two of my audiophile friends. Their comments were: "Outstanding" and "Very Pleasing" and I must say that I agree with them! ... You guys "love" what you are doing and this is very apparent in your attitude and in the overall performance of your products. A great speaker builder is, at the very start, a person that knows, respects and loves music. It's not only a question of fine workmanship or technical knowledge. It's an inside will and drive to create something that will deliver "emotions". This way of doing things is getting very rare these days. You make speakers which easily eclipse products which are 4 times as costly. ... LaHave Audio has outstanding products. They sound very natural and pleasing. If someone ever asks me: "What speakers should I buy ?", I will now have a very easy answer ...." Maurice Daignault, audiophile, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

"I found the LaHave Audio Reference Series speakers amazingly clear with excellent separation of the musical instruments and the highest quality of sound reproduction." Dr. Edith Angelopoulis, university professor, Halifax, NS, Canada

"LaHave Audio Reference Series speakers are "invisible" to my ears. It's not fair to compare them to other speakers since with LaHaves I only hear music ...." Gordon MacDonald, painter, Halifax, NS, Canada

"During my visit to Digital Recordings sound studio I had opportunity to listen to various samples of music. With my eyes closed I felt being surrounded by the performers. The fidelity and perfection of the sound was overwhelmingly impressive chiefly thanks to speakers (LaHave Audio Reference 2) and amplifiers (Omtec CA-60) performance. Thanks for this experience ...." Michael Olex, mechanical engineer, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

"When listening to music of various styles, genres and instrumentation through the LaHave speakers I was struck by how "alive" the sound was. The sound was so real that it was if I was present at a live concert and the musicians were in the same room with me. The speakers captured every nuance of the sound so that is was almost palpable." Patricia Bryson, piano teacher, Halifax, NS, Canada

"Your love of music will always grow in the company of these speakers." Duncan Harper, educator, Halifax, NS, Canada

"Having the opportunity of listening to music through the LaHave Audio Reference Series speakers was a tremendous experience. These speakers are amazing. I have never heard such a realistic sound from any speaker. During the music presentation I did "feel" the vibration of the contrabass strings. The sound was as natural and realistic as one could get." Rajmund Gudelewicz, P. Eng., electronic and acoustical engineer, Halifax, NS, Canada

"Having recently purchased a pair of speakers, I was rather dismayed to have discovered the speaker I wanted... one year too late! It seems any choice of speaker is a matter of compromise. Having looked for the "perfect" bookshelf speaker, I ended up with a far bulkier choice that at the time seemed a workable solution. Bookshelf speakers in the LaHave price range seemed to have either non-existent or badly handled bass, too bright a high end, or muddled mid-range. Given a two way design, and extremely well chosen drivers, cabinetry and crossover, the LaHave Reference 2 is definitely the best bookshelf speaker I have listened to in the sub-$4000 market. Its musicality is amazing, and whilst the bass is not earth shattering, it is a truly pleasing and "live" like experience. Furthermore, as a testament to fatigue, I listened to the LaHave with a sound level meter and could not believe witnessed peaks of 106-110 dB. On most speakers, this would be accompanied by placing hands over ears (and possibly dropping the metre in the process!)... Imaging was amazing, which is remarkable as the listening environment was sub-par. I was too close to the speakers, the speakers were slightly further apart than optimum, thus creating a flattened triangular spatial effect. On top of that, the speakers were placed on... bookshelves (how is that for "stereo"typing). Admittedly, the shelves were reasonably inert (well weighted down freeing the effect of vibration), but in no way did the sound seem diminished. I would have been further shocked in the speakers capabilities had the environment been modified to the better. All in all, an amazing product, and how I wish I discovered these last year... the outcome would have been so much better!" Steve Lunn, audiophile, Halifax, NS, Canada

"Thank you for the enjoyable listening session the other night. The presentation of the LeHave Reference 2 speakers and Omtec CA-60 pure class A monoblock amplifiers was quite favorable. The combination can best be described as 'fast and accurate'. The extent and control of the lower frequencies was quite amazing from this combination. The lack of unwanted noise, made the music shine. The listening conditions were not optimum, but the performance was impressive. I look forward to more innovative products from your company." Philip Li, P. Eng., mechanical engineer, Halifax, NS, Canada

"LaHave Audio Reference 2 speakers produce the most realistic sound I have ever heard. With them one hears instruments and music not speakers." Adam Makowicz, concert jazz pianist and composer, New York, NY, USA

"I just wanted you to know that I had the opportunity to experience the sonic brilliance of your Reference Series Speakers. The sonic clarity of the speakers is truly world class. These speakers are so flat, I would not hesitate to use them as studio monitors for any application. The craftsmanship is outstanding." Joe Di Profio, producer and sound engineer at Bristol, Halifax, NS, Canada

"In my opinion LaHave Audio Reference 2 speakers are second to none. There is such a clarity of tone it's just amazing. I closed my eyes and felt I was right there, in the same room with Oscar Peterson & Diane Krall. These speakers perform well for jazz, classical, vocals, percussion - you name it. LaHave Audio speakers are a must for a serious music lover." Diane Doane, teacher and technical writer, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Recently I had the opportunity of listening to the LaHave Audio Reference 2 speakers available through Digital Recordings. Bach's work for cello and organ from a CD was played. It surpassed my all expectations; I could not believe how wonderful the sound quality was! The first and utmost quality of these speakers is that you feel like you really are in the midst of the live performance. Each bit of sound was faithfully reproduced. It was the best and the most amazing sensation in music listening I have ever had. I highly recommend this product to all musicians and music lovers." Dr.Saida Kafarova, concert pianist and music professor, Texas, USA

"LaHave Audio Reference 2 speakers are really outstanding. What I find most impressive is that they are not only perfect for the subtleties of classical music and especially the human voice, but that they handle electronic music and percussion equally well." Dr.Nistal Prem de Boer, engineer, architect and sculptor, Black Rock, NS, Canada

"The LaHave Audio Reference Series speakers are fabulous! The clarity is second to none - it was as though Diana Krall was standing directly in front of me. I was riveted to my seat. I had the chance to listen to jazz, classical and percussion music with and without vocals - the speakers offer the unique perspective of truly appreciating the producer's vision. The instrumentation and arrangements gave me the impression that I was hearing an intimate live session perfectly executed. When I heard the "fur" on the bow of a cello and the rich resonance of a pipe organ I was overcome with tears from the shear beauty. This is how all music should be heard - a full body experience that nourishes the soul! All my senses tingled - I swear I could practically taste the music and I savoured every morsel. Bravo LaHave Audio!" Moka Michelle Case, Moka Promotion Ltd., Dartmouth, NS, Canada

"LaHave Audio Reference speakers sound fantastic. They convey the warmth and power of a live performance with wonderful clarity and elegance." Dr. Leona MacLeod, university professor, Halifax, NS, Canada

"We are very impressed with LaHave Audio's reference series speakers. The speakers sound very pleasant and most natural that we have ever heard. There is no coloration or boxiness from these speakers, they simply "disappear". Stereo imaging is very good and immerses listener in the acoustical space of the recording. They create sound which is very pleasant in the entire room, not only in the "sweet spot'. The reproduction of various instruments and voices is effortless and natural. We did not notice any fatigue while listening to them at high 90-100 dB levels" Dr. Marek Roland, president and senior scientist, Digital Recordings, Halifax, NS, Canada

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