Jobs in Acoustics/Audio

Acoustical Society of America Acoustical Society of America
This is the employment section of A.S.A's site and is very extensive.
Mackie Makie
On Mackie's site you can keep up-to-date on their great technology and keep an eye on their employment listings.

Music Network U.S.A

Music Network U.S.A

A great looking site and very informative on various topics for musicians and technicians.


Again a nice looking site that has job listings for various positions.

More Leads
Dolby Labratories - Dolby Labratories are always looking for innovative, creative individuals.
Shobiz Jobs - A large data base of jobs in film, tv, recording, multimedia, etc.
Recording Engineer Jobs - Jobs in the recording industry.
Career Mosaic - A genearl job bank that sometimes has audio and video jobs.
Wizdum Audio - This company from Chicago is currently looking for some people.

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