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The following is a list of selected papers published by Digital Recordings. To read the full text, click on the paper's title.


  • Common Misconceptions about Hearing

    Common misconceptions about sound, hearing, sound engineers, sound reinforcement, "accepted" sound levels, and laws governing sound levels are described in this paper. Some important facts about sound and hearing are also included.

  • Excessive Vehicle Noise - Impact and Remedies

    This paper describes noise pollution caused by modified vehicles. They are the weapons of intimidation and acoustical terrorism in the hands of disrespectful and ignorant people. Health impact of noise pollution and remedies are also presented.

  • Digital Hearing Aids - the Way of the Future

    Described are various digitally programmable hearing aids (HA's) and the use of DSP (digital signal processing) in their design.

  • Stuttering - Some Facts and Answers

    Origins of stuttering, available therapies and devices, misconceptions about stuttering, new approach to understanding stuttering, and the new Digital Speech Aid (DSA) device are described.

  • DSA (Digital Speech Aid) - A New Device to Decrease or Eliminate Stuttering

    New models and a new approach to the stuttering disorder were developed. Elements of this new theory were applied to explain research results and many features of the stuttering disorder. They were the basis for the design and construction of a new electronic device as a method for elimination or reduction of stuttering.

  • Digital Speech Aid to Decrease Stuttering - Clinical Results and Patients' Reactions

    New electronic aid / training device to reduce stuttering was developed. Clinical tests on about 60 patients showed, that the DSA (Digital Speech Aid) is effective in helping to combat stuttering by itself or in combination with other standard and non-standard methods. The majority of "Classical Stutterers" become more fluent when using this device. This device is relaxing and non-disturbing. With DSA a person can speak in any fashion and at any rate.

Digital Recording / DSP
Special Interest Papers
  • Life on Earth - Flow of Energy and Entropy

    This paper presents an unorthodox application of Information Theory, shedding new light on the mystery of Life. It should be of interest to scientists and non-scientists, alike.

  • Simple "Food Rules" for Great Health and Long Life

    This paper is an application of the Information Theory approach to life and diet (see paper "Life on Earth - Flow of Energy and Entropy"). The author explains in simple terms "Why" rather then "How" to do things to maintain good health, fight disease, improve the immune system, slow aging by 20% - 40%, and increase level of intelligence.

  • Cancer - A Biophysicist's Point of View

    This paper is an application of the Information Theory approach to understanding of cancer. What is cancer and how it is formed, precursors and cancer prevention, mechanisms responsible for cancer development, traditional and non-traditional treatment of cancer as well as new research in cancer treatment are described.

  • How to achieve and maintain optimal health?

    Human organism is a very complex assembly/colony of 100 trillion (100,000,000,000,000) cells. Each human cell contains about 100 trillion atoms. What a complex system! Despite this complecity, we can combine our knowledge from many fields of science and our empirical and historical data to draw conclusions and derive very reasonable strategies on how to achieve and maintain optimal health.

  • Common Misconceptions about Science

    Noteably science has brought us many technological advances. But, are all of them good? Do we understand their impact and long term effects on our lifes and the environment? This paper attempts to address some of the most common misconceptions about science. It is the hope of the author that the paper will help us control our greed and make us rethink how we use technology.

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