Papers on Acoustics

Pantelis Vassilakis Pantelis Vassilakis
On this site you can learn many in-depth theories about musicial acoustics, music perception and cognition, etc..
World Form for Acoustic Ecology World Form for Acoustic Ecology
This is a resource for online articles and journals. It covers a variety of acoustical issues and has many information resrouces.

Acoustics and Educational links

Acoustics & Educational Links

There are various lectures and articles on this resource page.

Ircam Room Acoustics

Ircam Room Acoustics
This is a resource for papers on room acoustics and many more acoustical topics.

More Leads
Audio Research group - Various papers from the University of Waterloo. - Various articles on a broad range of musical subjects.
Noise A folder devoted to issues about noise and includes articles, guides, links, and

other resources of a general interest.
Noise Pollution Clearinghouse Search information data base. Extensive articles and news
reports on noise issues.
Ecoacoustics An aperiodic summary of news articles about acoustic-ecology.
Personal Sound Journals Responses to soundscape listening experiences.
Soundscape Recordist and Composers Individuals and reviewers share insight into soundscape

recording and composition.
Soundscape Newsletter: Archive Issues 1-12 of WFAE's first newsletter.
Soundscape Newsletter: Selected Articles Featured articles selected from the original newsletter.
New Soundscape Newsletter Published by the Forum für Klanglandschaft for the network of the

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.
WFAE Reader A unique collection of contributed rearch articles, documents, and conference

presentation papers.

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